Breaking free of Broadcom

As enterprises look for more flexible and cost efficient solutions, the global demand for an alternative has increased dramatically since the Broadcom/CA Technologies acquisition.

— BMC understands the challenge intimately. We’ve moved off of Broadcom/CA in our own business—and in the process, significantly reduced our costs. That experience gave us first-hand knowledge of the benefits of breaking free from Broadcom and how best to achieve them for others.

— Ask some questions:
• What are your anticipated costs going forward?
• What’s the future roadmap for your current Broadcom/CA products?
• What’s the current support you are currently receiving for your Broadcom/CA solutions?

BMC’s unique total-solution response demonstrates our commitment to customers who don’t think there is a viable alternative to Broadcom/CA:

— BMC’s major investment in key competencies, offerings, and intellectual capital, through the acquisition of Compuware and RSM Partners, in addition to innovation and further development of our existing portfolio.
— A BMC-led vendor-consolidation approach, including Dell, Modern Systems, Unicom Global, McKinney Systems, and many others makes it simple for you.
— The result is a forward-focused alternative to Broadcom/CA designed to comprehensively meet your current requirements while enabling digital transformation, automation, and self-service that fosters the autonomous digital enterprise, drives product innovation, and optimizes value for all customers, large and small.